Welcome to Clean Breathing, LLC., the Coastal Carolina's first choice for mold remediation and removal, mold inspections and healthier living. We are here to help you live better and live healthier, to protect your most priceless possessions (your family) and your most significant financial investment (your home).

We work with individual home owners, POA and HOA management, rental agencies, real estate agents, businesses and stores to provide unparalleled service and dedication to the removal of mold.

We are here to help, and we are experts in the mold removal business. If you have a mold issue that you would like a consultation for, please let us know.

Mold is dangerous. It can affect the respiratory process, cause headaches and nausea and also severely damage your building structure and foundation. For some it can be life threatening.

We appreciate you stopping by our website and we look forward to serving your mold removal needs.

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Mold is never a welcome visitor to most any home. With Clean Breathing, LLC., we are here to get rid of that mold quickly, efficiently and affordable. Mold is not something to put off, hoping it goes away or gets better. The time to act is right when you suspect a problem. Our mold removal process can be summed up in the following chart:

Our expertly trained mold remediation specialist will visit your home and complete a thorough inspection. There is no other company in the Coastal Carolina's that does a more complete inspection than us. You can rest assured that we will locate and identify any mold and health issues.

Once we have gone through and found the mold hot spots and have scheduled a convenient time for your service, we will enter your structure and remove and remediate the mold problems, thus providing you and your family a new and safe breathing environment.

After completion of the removal process, you will be able to breath clean in your home or office. You will most likely want us to come by every so often to keep an eye out and make sure that pesky mold hasn't returned. We are always here to serve you.


Clean Breathing, LLC., is pleased to announce that we are the preferred mold remediation and removal experts for the exclusive community of Bald Head Island in beautiful Brunswick County, NC. We are proud of our hard work, dedication and reputation for providing the best mold removal services available.

But you don't need to be in an exclusive island community like BHI to have the very best in mold removal services. From Southport to Myrtle Beach, Oak Island to Little, Calabash to Holden Beach, wherever there is a mold issue, we are the best company for the job. Our work ethic is second to none and we will make sure that the job is done right.

We are here to help you with your mold removal needs to provide a clean, safe breathing environment for you and your family. We are here for you.


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